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Welcome to the Flirtsofa-FAQ. In this place you will find needful tips around frequent problems - and best solutions for your problems. If you can't find a solution in this FAQ, send us an email to Our support team will help you instantly.

About Flirtsofa

Do I have to pay for this service?

  • Flirtsofa is free for all users. All features are completely free of charge. Go, try it :)

How is it financed?

All costs for serving and development are paid by our advertising partners.


What name do I choose on Flirtsofa?

At the registration we ask for your firstname and lastname. Your real name is helpful to find your dream partner easier and faster. Your profile can only be viewed by other persons who match your search settings. Offline users and search engines will only see your firstname and the first letter of your lastname. Your privacy will stay best protected. You can change your name anytime by clicking "Options --> Common".

I don't recieve my registration mail, what's wrong?

Did you insert your mail adress correctly? Please check your spam folder too, some mail providers mistakenly sort some mails into spam.

Log in

How can I log in to Flirtsofa?

For logging in to Flirtsofa simply add your mail adress and your password. Check 'Keep me loggeg in' to be recognized later.

I canot log in to Flirtsofa - What's wrong?

Check your password and mail adress. You can submit a new password to your mail adress by clicking 'Forgot your password?'. We can send new passwords only to your registration mail adress, other adresses won't work.

Changing the password

You can change your password by clicking Options --> Password. If your registration mail adress doesn't eyist anymore you can send us a copy or photo of your ID card. We will change your mail adress afterwards.


  • You must be logged in to text other users.


We use Captchas for SPAM prevention. For solving a Captcha please insert the shown signs into the text area.

Time Limits for Texting

There are time limits for SPAM prevention. These limits are hit very rarely by normal usage. Please be patient if you should be blocked by a time limit.

Age block and gender block

Some users only want to recieve mails from users of certain age or gender. Please respect these settings.

Can I retract sent mails?

  • It is not possible to retract sent mails. Even deleting a sent message won't stop delivery to the reciepient.

What is 'Smiling'?

Smiling on Flirtsofa works as well as in the supermarket queue or in the streets: You can show another person your attraction to him or her with it. Click 'Smile' and the person will get it shown. You must be logged in to smile at another person.

Editing your Profile

  • Click 'Assistant' to be lead through your editable profile information.
  • Click the tool button in a box of your profile to edit certain information found in this box.

Can I Move?

You can change your region as well as the interface language. For region changes click 'Options --> Common'. For language changes click the flag icon in the upper right.

Adding Favorites

You can favor other users by clicking 'add to favorites' - you will find all your favored profiles in your favorites list. You get noticed when another user favored you. Other users also get noticed when you favored them.

Changing your Date of Birth

It is not possible to change your date of birth. As in real life, you keep your birthday one life long ;)

Changing your Gender

A change of your gender is not possible.

Flirtsofa isn't displayed corectly on my PC / Device

Update your Browser

In older browsers [1] some problems may occur.

Restart your Device

Windows PCs sometimes behave strange after long term use. It may help to restart your Computer. There are more tips if this doesn't help:

Enable Cookies

Flirtsofa uses Cookies to store session information. These information is needed for the usage of Flirtsofa. It won't work if cookies are unaccepted.

Activate Java Script

Please activate Java Script in your browser.

Empty your Browser Cache

It may help to empty the cache of your Browser.

Check your Antivirus or Firewall

In some cases Firewalls and Antiviruses like Norton', Aviraoder Kaspersky may lead to Errors in Flirtsofa use. Please configure your Software for proper display of Flirtsofa.

How do I know if I should change my system's settings?

Click and see if your system works properly to display actual web content.

I'm using a Smartphone

We recommend the use of current smartphone browsers. You can download Firefox Mobile ( ) or Opera Mini ( ).

Deactivate IE's Compatibility Mode

You can find how to deactivate IE's compatibility mode here:

Deactivate Ad Blockers

Please deactivate Ad Blockers on Flirtsofa

Notifications and E-Mails

I receive Tons of Mails

Can I stop it?

  • We only send mails to you, when you are not logged in. When you are online, we keep you up to date with on site notifications.
  • You can configure you notification emails by clicking 'Options --> Notifications'

Adding Pictures

  • You can upload pictures by filetype JPG, JPEG or PNG
  • The image size is limited to 20 MB

My Pictures were rejected - What's wrong?

Flirtsofa wants you to find quality pictures of users you like. So do other users. That's why we reject pictures thart don't fit our expected quality standards. Please use pictures that show yourself in a recognizable manner. That's what you expect from other users too. You can narrow your search options which also narrows your privacy. Only people you are searching for can see your pictures. P.S.: Any manual control may be imperfect. If you think your picture was rejected by mistake, simply upload it again. If your picture was rejected multiple times, be sure it doesn't fit our quality standards and respect this decision.


I want some User not to view my Profile anymore

  • You can block a certain user by clicking 'block user' directly under his / her profile. After blocking a user, this person cannot view your profile, can't message, can't smile, can't contact you in any way.
  • You can block a sender of a message directly above the message too. Click 'block user' after hovering the tool icon.

I am harassed by messages - what can you do for me?

  • We cannot and do not want to controll your private messages, they are private and they will stay private. You can block harassments in any conversation with one simple click. Feel free to use this feature if you feel harassed. It's the easiest ind quickest way to solve that kind of problem. After blocking a user he or her cannot view your profile, cannot text you, cannot smile at you, he cannot contact you anymore.
  • If you think that the harassement is culpable, you should contact police or a lawyer.

Can I cancel the blocking of another user?

Click 'Options --> blocked users' to cancel the blocking.

I received an email notification that looks a lot like spam but it isn't in my inbox anymore

We delete Spammers an their messages as soon as users report them. If you configured your mail notifications to receive an email as soon as a message arrives you, it may habben that this notification mail is sent and the spam is deleted afterwards. Of course there is only spam deleted by our team - your private messages stay untouched.

I was blocked as harassment

Your private messages are and stay private - we don't want to read them, we don't want to judge them. We won't clear up your private stuff. If you got blocked, please respect your opposite's decision, behave like grown ups and get out of the way. That's the easiest solution for all.

I am blocked for further contacts. What can I do?

First: Sit back and relax. We will check the blocking as soon as possible and clear the blocking or delete your profile if necessary. This depends on how many other users you are in trouble with. If you were offensive to many other users it may happen that we delete your profile to protect our users. If you behave normally in our community, you won't need to fear any blocking or deleting. Clearing a blocking can take up to 48 hours

Can other users see that I'm blocked?

During clearance check we display a little notice to other users who contact you, that your profile is checked at the moment. You can text on to existing contacts but cannot open up new conversations to other users until the situation is cleared.

Sicherheit & Privatsphäre

We are most zealous about your privacy to protect your data by best industry standards.

Does Flirtsofa care about the Security of my Data?

  • All private messages are saved encrypted.
  • All server connections are SSL-encrypted by best industry standards (perfect forward privacy)
  • Flirtsofa applies to german privacy laws. These are the strictest privacy laws in the world. And we love to apply to them. For your security.

My Password was hacked - what should I do?

  • Passwords are stored highly encrypted in our databases.
  • We recommend to use a long passphrase that cannot be guessed by others.
  • A secure passphrase can additionally contain numbers and capital letters.

passwords should not contain:

  • names
  • birthdates
  • other guessable phrases
  • the name of your cat is NOT a good password ;-)

Abuse of Data

  • If a person shopuld abuse your data or pictures please email to - please describe the abuse exactly and copy a lonk to the place it can be found. We will delete data abuses as soon as possible.

Can you tell me who hides behind a profile?

Any data on Flirtsofa is absolutely private and strictly protected by german privacy laws. Handout of user data is only available for permitted authorities. No exceptions. Never.

Deleting your Profile

How can I delete my profile??

Click 'Options --> Account' to delete your profile. Al your user data will be completely deleted by finishing the process. In exceptional cases there can remain public information in forums or other public areas to keep the flow of conversation alive. Any remaining data is absolutely dischained to your private data.

Can I delete a Profile of another user?

In case of harassment you can block other users. If you think that the harassement is culpable, you should contact police or a lawyer.